To Those Late Night Hunger, Maggi Was Always The Saviour.🙌❤

The 2nd most successful brand to come out of Powai after Mirchi & Mime is Hungry Head. Having grown up eating Maggi I have so far avoided Hungry Head.

So on a warm April evening, I decide to try some Maggi at Hungry Head. So after a good wait of about 10/12 minutes. My Hakka maggi arrived steaming hot in a wok like packaging. The packaging is well designed that it functions as an appetizer. it has a small seating space in open. I also tried the most famous maggizzaa and it was awesome. I just fell in love with it. And i also discovered that maggie can also be eaten as pizza and burger.

In the 2 year journey, Hungry Head has gone through the Maggi ban and has seen the worst of the days. Yet they managed to survive by replacing Maggi with “Yipee Noodles”, “ Y Y noodles” and “knor”during the days.

My Hakka noodles was delicious and extra hot (spicy) with lot and lots of garlic, it refreshed my palate. The hakka noodles costs Rs 100 and the Jaljeera drink is for Rs 75/-
With over 40/50 variations in the Maggi recipe, Hungry Head caters to the all Maggi lovers. There is an Oye Punjabi Maggi if you miss maa ka hath ka khana. Other popular flavours include Picadilla maggi and Red dragon maggi and BBQ maggi.

Besides Maggi they serve other items like

  • MagSubs
  • MagBurger
  • Magizza
  • Blooming bread
  • MagBhel
  • Garlic bread
  • Ice tea
  • Cold coffee
  • Fries

Recommendation –

Exotic veg maggizza. – Which is a pizza with maggi layer topped with some veggies and cheese. Which as per the founder is the highest selling item after the Maggi.

Hungry Head has brought life to the other wise dull Food Junction. The alfresco space a bit away from the maddening traffic feels good in the evening. The tables are nice and wooden, which do wobble a bit, but its a great place to chill out. You could even head in to Hakone, which is empty on weekdays.

About the Founders

I also happened to meet 2 of the Founders Yash patel and Rahul Daga who are Powai boys the 3rd founder is the Chef. Yash is into automobiles and Rahul is into packaging industry.The founders say that they wanted to do something offbeat and Hakone was perfect space.

Yash says Maggi appeals to all age group, but their patrons are in the age 20-35. In the afternoon they have school kids and corporate and in the evening there is family and corporate.. Also they also do lot of home deliveries too. After the success of the Powai outlet, they are opening a 2nd outlet at Ghatkopar. They see lot of patrons coming from Ghatkopar and Chembur and think it would be good choice.

So if you are maggi lover you should definitely visit this place.


Fast food, desserts


400 Rs. for two (approx.)

Opening hours

11 AM to 11 PM



1, Hakone, behind Powai Plaza, Powai, Mumbai.

M G road, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ghatkopar east, Mumbai.

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